Cultural adaptation

Immerse yourself in your target culture

Go that extra mile in localising your app or website

Depending on the country and target audience, we analyse:
  1. Your sector’s behaviour in that country
  2. The cultural norms for your type of websites, apps…
  3. A design which takes the target culture into consideration
  4. The language and regional adaptations (Spanish for Latin America, American or British English…)
  5. Colours. Are you sure your chosen colours do not have a negative connotation in other cultures?
  6. Module layout. Where is the target user used to finding them?
  7. Appropriate images. Get some advice rather than lose clients
  8. Symbolism. Be careful about what you are conveying
  9. Iconography. Is this icon the best option?
  10. Dates, currencies, sizes, punctuation… Make sure you adjust your prices
  11. Calls-to-action. Colours, icons, position, slogan…
  12. Top social media. It’s not all a question of Facebook
  13. SEO consultation (Search Engine Optimisation)
  14. Keywords adaptation…

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