Online store and eCommerce translations

Translate your online store to go international and open up new markets

Do you need to translate your online store?

We work with the best content management systems (CMSs) for online stores, offering you up to 28 languages, to multiply sales of your products.

  1. Directly in your content manager. We usually work with online commerce CMSs such as WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, opencart, Ecwid, … or on your eCommerce platform (Shopify, Amazon, Aliexpress, Etsy…).
  2. The translators in our team are fully acquainted with these systems, and so they know the needs of your online store perfectly.
  3. Professional translation in 28 languages: adapt to local markets or expand your business to remote locations by selling online.
  4. We adapt the cultural aspects of your message to accelerate sales in a style of language that is closer to your customers.
  5. If you have a dynamic online store with continuous changes in products and sales messages, ask us about our monthly word packs or content maintenance packs, and make sure your website is always up to date in all languages.

Complete translation of the purchase process

  1. Product characteristics and features
  2. Purchase process messages and potential error messages
  3. Keywords (we translate your keywords or adapt them to help you position your products and improve your SEO)
  4. Plugins and themes which are specific to your online sales platform
  5. Conditions of delivery, legal notices and privacy and cookie policies
  6. As well as this, our Transcreation and Content Creation (Copywriting) services will help you focus your message culturally to reach your customers directly, adapting the language and cultural nuances so as to help you get sales conversions.

Benefits of entrusting us with the translation of your online store

  1. Increase your sales
  2. Reach potential customers worldwide and inform them more effectively
  3. Improve your products’ image and make them better-known
  4. Improve user experience by providing information in the user’s language: accurate and culturally appropriate
  5. Build trust in your brand

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