International SEO

Search engine optimisation: position your website in other languages

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Do you want to improve your international SEO?

We can help you find the right keywords in your target country by optimising your content to reach the top positions and improve your SEO in other countries or languages.

SEO translation (Search Engine Optimisation)

  1. We rewrite your texts to focus them on positioning your content in search engines, following the analytical rules of SEO, but without losing the freshness of the communication.
  2. More than translating, we choose the keywords that work in the target country; a literal translation can ruin your international strategy, while a culturally adapted study of keywords and synonyms will increase your brand visibility.
  3. In addition to keywords, we translate, adapt and correctly maintain titles and subtitles, meta descriptions, tags, links, JavaScript messages…: none of these should be forgotten in your positioning strategy.
  4. We have a multidisciplinary team of translators and SEO experts, digital marketing and cultural adaptation who will help you grow in your international expansion.
  5. Along with all this, we have developed our Multilingual Content Creation and Transcreation service to help you write texts focused on positioning your services and products in several languages.
  6. International SEM campaigns (click-payment search engine marketing) are also more effective if they are appropriately adapted.
  7. Do you need to translate your online store? We can also help you position your products and services on international eCommerce platforms.

Benefits of entrusting us with your international SEO

  1. International visibility for your products and services
  2. Contents with adapted keywords are better positioned: increase in impressions and clicks on major search engines
  3. Texts that are culturally adapted and search engine friendly get more hits and sales conversions

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