Software localisation

Process of translating and adapting a computer program from one language and culture to others

Are you a software developer?

Cut costs with our localisation service

We use your own language files

We take care of your code

Forget about wrestling with strings in languages you don’t know

We lay out the final text and test it

Entrust us with your project and you will have access to services in more than 28 languages with a single supplier

Maintain consistent terminology in your project. Use our translation memories

We use your "style" in any language

Stop struggling with character encoding

We adapt to your version control system or project manager

We translate and adapt your software to the language and culture of the target region. We provide the technical and linguistic knowledge to ensure that the app works perfectly regardless of the users’ locations.

We offer a full multilingual adaptation service

Multilingual adaptation of your website, software or app includes:





So you can stop worrying about the internationalisation process and just focus on developing your project. We adjust the design to the target country, making it easy to achieve cultural immersion. We adapt your projects, both technologically and linguistically, to get you to where you want to be.

We integrate multilingual systems into

Web content managers

(Drupal, Joomla, WordPress)

Custom programming languages

(PHP, Java, Ruby, Html, JavaScript, JQuery,…)

Mobile operating systems

(iOS, Android, hybrids)

And lastly: TESTING.  All our projects end with thorough checking and revision, from both a linguistic and a technical point of view and in terms of layout, so that everything says what it should say where it should say it.

What file types do we translate?

Documents, articles, blogs, web content, and any other kind of communication and format.


WORD (.rtf, .doc, .docx) / EXCEL (.xls, .xlsx) / POWERPOINT (.pot, .ppt, .pptx) / DELIMITED FILES (.csv, .txt) / PDF (.pdf) / OPEN OFFICE: WORD (.odt), EXCEL (.ods), POWERPOINT (.odp) / PLAIN TEXT FILES (.txt)

Web development and software

XML (.xml) / YML (.yml, .yaml) / HTML – XHTML (.htm, .html) / PO FILES (.po, .pot) / JAVA PROPERTIES (.properties) / IOS STRINGS (.strings) / MICROSOFT RESOURCES (.res, .resx)

If you can’t find the format you’re looking for in the list, please contact us.