Wonder = Beauty… Wait, how do you say?

The long awaited movie adaptation of the DC Comic “Wonder Woman” was finally released in May 2017. In case you are curious, here’s the official trailer in English.

In some European countries, such as Italy and Germany, the movie has been out for a few days now, while the official release date for Spain was in June.

The poster and its translation

We all remember last year’s controversy concerning the questionable Spanish translation of the official movie poster tagline “Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder”:

Cartel en español de la película Wonder woman - Polémica de Traducción

The controversy concerned, of course, the translation of the noun “wonder” (which is also part of the name of the hero, Wonder Woman) with “belleza” (beauty), a word that clearly only refers to the outer appearance of the woman. As always, women cannot just be “powerful, graceful, wise and wonderful”, they have to be beautiful

'Wonder Woman' presenta su primer tráiler y una polémica traducción
'Wonder Woman' El primer póster en español despierta críticas en las redes sociales - eCartelera
wonder woman traduccion - Buscar con Google

The news spread all over Twitter too…

Translation of the poster in other countries

Austria and Germany

But let’s take a look at how the tagline was translated in some other European and non European countries. In Germany and Austria they chose not to translate it:

Wonder woman - de


However, we weren’t able to find the Italian version of the teaser poster with the famous tagline online. Maybe they didn’t know how to translate it and chose not to release it?

wonder-woman-locandina - italia

Latin America

What is curious is that, in the Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, the name of the movie was actually translated into “Mujer Maravilla” and maybe that is why the translation of the actual tagline didn’t cause the same issues as in Spain.


For example, one of the official posters in Mexico clearly translates “wonder” with “maravilla”:


Brasil and Portugal

And same goes for the Portuguese-speaking countries, where Wonder Woman becomes “Mulher Maravilha” as we can see from one of the Brazilian Instagram pages dedicated to Wonder Woman.

Wonder woman - brasil y portugal
Wonder woman - brasil y portugal

Spain and the controversial poster

As far as the Spanish translation, after last year’s controversy, nothing has really popped up. We weren’t able to find an updated version of the poster and the last tweets about the controversy date back to last summer. I guess we will have to wait and watch the movie to see if the same tagline is repromoted and how.

When it comes to translation, it is impossible to say what’s right and what’s wrong. Should the name of the hero be translated? Should the tagline be translated if the name is not?

What is sure is that, in order to be a “wonder woman”, you don’t have to be a pretty one!